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I heard about Venchi through a good friend of me and when I saw the first draft for their logo I couldn't help myself but to offer my help in creating their identity. Although being the first vegan restaurant in Odense, they didn't want it to look like a "typical" green café. We decided to trash all ideas and associations with the brand and start from scratch again. With a clear slate we went on to write down all the keywords they associated with the café they wanted to open. Words like quality, cosiness and trendy arose quickly.

The solution and approach was to brand it as if it was a "normal" café and let people be attracted by the design and products.
Looking a the already saturated café landscape in Odense I choose to give the brand a more exclusive feel; vegan and organic products are by no means cheap, so by aligning people's perception of the brand with the price the owners had to demand for their products it seemed to go hand in hand perfectly.