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Phi Mo

Phi Mo is an authentic Thai restaurant in the heart of Odense.
I was approached by the owner Yasar and was asked to help him transition the restaurant from the earlier concept Wokkabox to the new brand Phi Mo. This entailed creating a new logo as well as making a series of posters to promote the restaurant. 

The goal with Phi Mo was to make it more exclusive than the Wokkabox brand without taking focus away from the craft og making Thai food. We started by doing a brainstorm to establish what could connote exclusiveness and especially how exclusiveness could be expressed without abandoning the Asian heritage of the brand.

The logo underwent several iterations before reaching the final design. The image below shows how we started with the typical definition of exclusivity, the Bodoni style typography. We quickly moved away from that as it connotes a French style and not the Asian form of exclusivity we wanted to convey.
We then moved on to a slap serif style instead, it made the design much more "grounded" but it was still too boring and still lacked Asian character. 

The solution was to include curved ascenders as well as bigger curves on the bowls and shoulders. With these relatively small changes we arrived at a logo that both looked simple and elegant but more importantly had the curves associated with Asian design.