Photography | Personal Project

Is it Analogue?

I did this personal and experimenting project while on holiday in Northern Spain. I used a cheap Panasonic GF3 to take the photographs and spend a few days analysing the colours and texture of classic Kodak Gold 100 film with the aim to emulate the look of analogue film. I created the look in Lightroom and exported the photos as usual. 

I posted the photos on several photo-centric groups on Facebook saying that I photographed them on an Olympus OM-D and Kodak Gold 100 to see whether it was possible for people to see they were fake. No one was able to tell and I even got comments like “you can really see how film shines compared to digital” “I love the texture” “great to see that people still shoot film”

What do you think? Could you be fooled by the photos?